Altar to an Unknown Love: Background

Altar to an Unknown Love, by Michael Beasley, has been published through The Armoury Ministries. The Armoury Ministries is a research, outreach, and publishing ministry dedicated to the glory of Christ. Through the printed page, videos, and internet publishing, this ministry is dedicated to one objective alone: The glory of mankind's only hope - the Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael Beasley grew up in Southern California and later served in the United States Air Force. During most of this time he was a convinced Atheist, but in 1982 he was redeemed by the mercy and grace of Christ. He has served in Christian ministry since 1991 and is the author of The First Institution, All Nations Under God, Indeed has Paul Really Said?, The Fallible Prophets of New Calvinism, and My Banner is Christ.

He lives with his wife Sandra and six children in North Carolina.

If you are uncertain about the eternal destiny of your soul, please consider the following video presentation of: Atheism & Religionism vs. the Gospel -